In the age of masternode coins, there are those that do it well and those that do it not so well. There are many variables that can affect the health and life of a cryptocurrency and we would like to address a few of them here. With transparency and forthrightness being paramount to the team, we are going to take an in-depth look at the details of the MasterCoin cryptocurrency.

The most important piece of information you as investors need to know is that MasterCoin will be the cryptocurrency used by our entire MasterSuite of financial tools. From the MasterPool to the MasterSafe, as well as the MasterDEX, MasterCoin will be the utility coin that ties all of them together. This will provide consistency in the coin’s value between platforms and also drive demand for the coin as well.

Nuts and Bolts

Forked from PIVX, with anonymous coin features intact, MasterCoin offers fast, secure transactions across platforms and exchanges. Privacy is a growing concern among the general public, and especially in the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

MasterCoin is a Proof-of-Work(PoW)/Proof-of-Stake(PoS) coin. Based on the NeoScrypt algorithm with a Block Time of 100 seconds. The Block Size is 4mb and there is a Maximum Coin Supply of 80,000,000 coins. The Block Time and Maximum Coin Supply are geared specifically to avoid the threat of hyperinflation. Something that occurs much too often in many masternode cryptocurrencies.

The PoW phase of the coin will run from Block 1 to Block 20,000. Starting with Block 20,001, PoS and Masternodes(MN) will take over the mining of new MasterCoins exclusively. Once PoS takes over, the following reward schedule will be used:

Block 20,001 to 40,000 — MN/POS/MasterSafe — 65/30/5%
Block 40,001 to 52,000 — MN/POS/MasterSafe — 85/10/5%
Block 52,001 to 82,000 — MN/POS/MasterSafe — 55/40/5%
Block 82,001+ — reward system will alternate every 12,000 and 30,000 Blocks

Starting the PoS phase with a more ‘Stake-friendly’ percentage allows smaller wallet holders to feel included and to accumulate coins. By alternating between higher and lower percentages for the PoS/MN spilt will allow all investor types to have an opportunity to benefit from the coin’s rewards. 5% will be set aside for the MasterSafe for future development.


MasterCoin will utilize a simply three-tier MN structure. These tiers’ collateral amounts will range from 3,500 MasterCoins to 100,000 MasterCoins, with the middle tier placed at 35,000 MasterCoins. A tier for every investor type will drive demand from every demographic in the cryptocurrency community.

The 3,500 tier will reward MN holders with 16.25 coins. The 35,000 tier will reward MN holders with 170 coins, a 4.5% increase from the lower tier. The 100,000 tier will reward MN holders with 500 coins, a 3% increase from the middle tier. Each tier is geared to give a slightly higher reward comparatively, as a testament to the commitment of investors for locking up an increasing number of MasterCoins.

Additionally, the frequency of MN rewards will be optimized to also provide a slight advantage to the higher tiers, to provide equilibrium to the inevitable imbalance of having many small, first tier MNs and less of the higher tiers.


It is very rare to find a cryptocurrency today that did not include a Premine of some size when it launched. This is a common point of contention between investors and teams as the risk of scams has been a serious issue in the industry. We felt it was important to address the Premine here to explain exactly how much of the coin was included and what it was being allocated for.

The Premine amount for MasterCoin is 5% of the Maximum Coin Supply. A total of 4 million MasterCoins. The graph above will provide the basic allocation of these funds.

Important notes about the Premine: 35% for the Liquidity Program, allocated to the MasterSafe. 25% committed to development. This is of course a huge part of the premise as we must build three independent, polished financial platforms for our investors to utilize.

The remaining amounts are common Premine allocations that investors expect. However, by breaking them down by specific percentages, we hope to paint a clearer picture of what our intentions are for these coins.

We hope this breakdown helps you as investors have a more clear idea of the project we are building. We believe with the coin supply of 80 million and a slow emission rate due to the block time and reward sizes, a healthy release of supply will be met and exceeded by the coin’s demand via our financial tools. This will result in a valuable cryptocurrency for all of our investors.

Thank you,
The MasterCoin Team

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