Thank you for taking the time to check out MasterCoin. We have great plans to make MasterCoin a household name in cryptocurrency. While masternode projects have taken over the alt coin industry, we believe in the necessity to not only provide you with a great product, but to introduce a full brand of reliable, next generation financial instruments to crypto investors.

MasterCoin is a cryptocurrency that ties together three powerful platforms into a single ecosystem able to be taken advantage of by all our investors. In the current crypto market, utility is more important than ever. The most likely way to be successful is to start with an avenue for use, not a planned one years down the road.

There is no doubt that blockchain technology has upended the certain sectors of the world. Banks are integrating certain cryptocurrencies into their investment portfolios. Corporations are using currency-less blockchains to secure their supply lines. Even if most of the world doubts cryptocurrency at the moment, the underlying technology has a chance to change how most industries operate.


Single use cryptocurrencies are as disposable as single use straws. And let’s not even get into how unhealthy a purely speculative coin is. Our goal with MasterCoin is to display value through utility as soon as possible. This included creating multiple avenues for the MasterCoin currency to be utilized as soon as possible.

MasterCoin’s first wave of platforms are MasterPool, MasterSafe, and MasterDEX. Three vital and timely tools that will create its own ecosystem for our investors.

MasterPool was designed to capitalize on the explosion of interest in Proof-of-Stake and Masternode coins. Moving away from the resource heavy Proof-of-Work, MasterCoin wants to offer investors a safe, stable, and multi-feature Pool for their cryptocurrency holdings. MasterPool will host, secure, and grow investor’s digital assets by pooling them with others for a small fee through stable masternode hosting and optimized staking protocols.

MasterSafe will be a top of the line destination for those who are holding cryptocurrency assets to store their holdings for the short or long term. With the growth of PoS and masternodes, Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) have become a hot commodity. But they cost anywhere from $5 to $50 USD each. A drain on people’s wallets if you have multiple. MasterSafe will host secure cloud wallets, both hot and cold, to offer our investors a long list of options for how they want their assets stored and utilized while held in the MasterSafe.

MasterDEX is going to be the crown jewel of the MasterSuite. Designed as a centralized/decentralized hybrid exchange, MasterDEX aims to bring the best of both styles of exchange together for an optimal experience for users. Maximum security while maintaining fast APIs for traders and trading bots. Given the decentralized nature of the MasterDEX, the blockchain would be transparent and audit-able. This is important to us at MasterCoin to maintain integrity of the trading activity on our exchange.

Wrap Up

In the current cryptocurrency market, there is not much room for error. Investors are uncertain, choosing to hold onto their Bitcoins tight. Projects need to go above and beyond with their products in order to show investors that they can have confidence in their vision.

MasterCoin’s goal is to build a collection of tools for investors to utilize on a daily basis. Through that, we can continue to focus on the future of cryptocurrency. With the MasterSuite, our investors will be able to rely on a consistent design and functionality to handle most of their day-to-day cryptocurrency activity.

Thank you,
The MasterCoin Team

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