Hello Everyone


Development is coming along and MasterPool is quickly growing – everyday there are new MN’s being set up!

Mostly we have been working on bug fixes and keeping everything stable while expanding. We will be introducing new features soon.

We plan on:

– Adding 2FA
– having a “buy” option for coins listed
– coin sorting
– a TX history of payments to timeline + end of month invoice
– Fiat Payment option
– any current bugs fixed.

We will also be introducing Shared MN’s soon and will have a beta of MasterSafe out – something basic but working.

Things are moving along and we are expanding!


With marketing we have been in contact with numerous other projects and as you can see are regularly adding coins to MasterPool.

We are in the process of a couple big partnership deals that once finalised we can announce. We have the aim of integrating MasterPool into numerous different platforms as well which will really help with spreading the word.

I am reaching out to other sites that may be able to give us exposure and making deals there. We would love to put together a full blown marketing campaign but it is a little difficult as they cost a ton. So as we build some coins will be put aside to fund adverts in the future.

Lastly, people have asked what we plan on doing with MasterCoins that are generated from MasterPool and upcoming platforms. The idea of BURNING all coins has come up as well as market buying coins from what income we generate and then burning those as well.

If anyone has any thoughts on this do mention it in chat and we can talk further!

Thanks all and hope you have a good week!
The MasterCoin Team!