Evening Everyone !

Firstly I am sorry for the relative radio silence over the past week. The team and Devs have been super busy and Staff chat has been full!


Now that we are past the chain issues and attacks we have been really focusing on getting the first platform out.

I am pleased to say we are in the final stages of getting everything up! I have spent the past week networking with other coins and reaching out to secure deals for when we launch MasterPool – all of which has been pretty successful!

This morning we did wallet tests with withdrawals and deposits on and off the platform and worked with no issues at all. So we really are in the final stages.

Once we have confirmed everything with some other coins and got everything nailed down we will release, we don’t have an exact date yet – but it is pretty imminent.

I have enclosed a couple Screen Shots below:

(Remember we haven’t finished making it look pretty yet)


A couple people mentioned it has been a bit slow – and I completely agree, we have dropped off marketing since focusing th epast 2 weeks on MasterPool. However, with release we will have amjor announcements over about 30 different discords, this alone should bring huge interest in. From there we will get more promotion in, restart invite bounties and we will go live with a new BTCT topic. All of this we will coordinate for launch as well!

So please bear with us for a bit while we get this all out and then we can really start to push the next stage!

Lastly, do remember we are trading on CB as well and you guys are the ones who set the price. If you put them low and sell into buy orders than generally the price will drop.
With product releases and more awareness the price will be brought up by itself!

Thanks Everyone and I look forward to moving through all this with you!!!