Hello Everyone

The Weekly Roundup:


Well I feel as though this speaks for itself! A lot has come on in the past couple weeks and I (and the team) have been very busy which is why this weekly update is a little late. Obviously we have released MasterPool and so far it has been a great success!

We have had Masternodes popping up on the platform from many coins and we are looking to continually expand. I believe we are running almost 100 Masternodes on Masterpool in less than 48 hours!

A couple bits of feedback/suggestions that we have had and we will try to incorporate as soon as we can:

– Add a transaction history to the timeline & potentially a download of payments
– Number of masternodes hosted in total and per coin
– Confirmation resend button
– Rearrange coins in alphabetical order
– Search bar
– Exchange button
– FAQ/101 Guide

The last 2 of these we are working on and if someone would be interested in helping out with the last that would be great. Help would be really appreciated in the 101 guide and a little video setup would be nice as well!

We will soon start working on the Shared Masternode setup and once that is started we will be able to release a basic version of MasterSafe as well. This for the time being will just be a storage device for coins with all coins that are on our platform.

We will quickly however create something that no-one else has done before and have a true “one click Masternode.” The MasterSafe will hold coins but will have a button that will give the option (obviously if you have enough collateral) to install a Masternode. It will then do everything for you automated and lock the coins that you have on the platform. A literal one click master node.


Now that we have released some of the team can focus a bit more on spreading the word with MasterPool as we do have a working platform.

We will be releasing new bounties and invite campaigns this week that will run with a combination of rewards from Free Masternode hosting to Mastercoin itself.

We are looking into other options but as we have had delays over the past months funds are pretty low and paying for ads on MNO or MNP isn’t really viable at the moment so we will be looking at other options.

If anyone has any suggestions feel free to let us know!

Lastly, we are looking for a couple people to help out with 2 things:

1) 101 guide on Masternode setup – potentially with a video

2) A hand with a website revamp – if anyone has any website skills feel free to contact me and hopefully we can sort something out

I hope everyone has a good week and are excited as I am to continue to move forward!!

Thanks Everyone

The MasterCoin Team!