Hi Everyone,

Bit of updated news of what we as a team have been up to over the past week:


We are waiting on Mercatox still and are in talks with other exchanges as well. Hopefully Mercatox will get themselves sorted and it will get the ball rolling again. Other exchanges we are looking at are CB and a couple smaller ones but I think holding for Merc as it is only a handful of days late is worth it.


– We are in talks with a group that almost solely push Reddit. It is a solid way to get seen esp as posts/links stay online forever so leave a good footprint.

– On this point – we would be looking for someone who knows more about pushing reddit and or managing a reddit page. – A small team has been brought in to entirely push organic twitter followers. This happened 2 days ago. We are already 200+ followers up from then they came in.

– We are in talks with a potentially exciting partnership to be a full sponsor for an up and coming E-Gaming team based in Scandanavia. MC would b e plastered all over their T-shirt when they play and their website – some really good exposure as 10s of thousands of people turn up to these events. This isn’t an area I am overly familiar so we are researching it carefully but it looks pretty good.

– Sites such as MNO, MNP, mycryptostats, mnrank are being contacted/have been contacted in anticipation of Merc listing so we can be on them ASAP. Development: Masterpool is well underway and we are hoping to release BETA launches ASAP. Had a slight set back with it due to unforseen personal reasons on the development team. With the release of this we can start to make further parnterships with other coins as well.


Bit of what we have been up to and what we are pushing for now. Everything is underway!

Thanks all and feel free to ask any questions in chat!