Hello Everyone

The Weekly Roundup:


This week has gone great! Fixing some small bugs here and there. A couple small issues that have cropped up in the first week:

Some email confirmations were never received.

We are working on resolving this. We have a paid email support system but we have the issue that some email providers (especially hotmail) block mails from certain mass email systems. We are working on running everything through MasterPool and then out as well as getting MasterPool added to more “certified” sites.
Along with this we had a report of the email system going a bit mental with low balances and it sent out over 350 emails to one person telling them they had a low balance, while not sending it out to a couple others. We have currently pulled this system while we work on fixing it.
so please remember to check your balance as currently the email system is offline!

FAQ was not in written. This has been done and will soon be uploaded along with the broken ToS link.

A couple people have helpfully pointed out a spelling mistake here or there or some pages that have loaded up with the wrong text and we will be fixing them soon! So thank you for that!

Due to fixing a couple things and keeping everything running we haven’t managed to update systems yet but will get onto it as soon as we can!


We have had a big push on this and have approached a number of other projects as well as being approached by people ourselves. Which is great news and means new people are seeing us!

We will continue to push forward and make bigger connections with other projects and hopefully have a couple good ones coming up.

This week we managed to list over 15 coins and have more in the pipeline.

We are also in talks with some bigger companies and would like two push some more ads, video and media following but we are starting to run short on marketing funds and would like to focus on development.

So if people have any ideas on way to get more exposure do let us know in #general !

Thanks Everyone and hope you have a good week!

The MasterCoin Team!